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Innovative methodology of "learn-assess-improve"

Learn (Exhaustive study material)

Assess (Rich question bank and Tests)

Improve (Adaptive tests and Improvement Plans)

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You can take part in the Audition conducted in your school or

city to participate in the competition.

Audition Fee Rs.500/- only

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Who Are We?

We are a team of IITians, NITians, Passionate Teachers and Technology Enthusiasts with rich experience in the education field and National Talent Search Exam preparation and coaching. …

Our professional team puts at your disposal their knowledge, competences, creativity and experiences to make your endeavor in achieving excellence in Talent Search Exams a success. Our innovative methodology of Learn-Assess-Improve will help you in mastering complex concepts.

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How are we different?

How are we different?

We believe that attempting mere questions from different sources will not help in building concepts. MODI N.T.S.E. Genius is rated as one of the best sites for Talent Search Exam Preparation. Our team includes teachers and coaches who have been guiding students in various competitive exams for several years now. With the help of these teachers we devised the success mantra for all examinations : Learn-Assess-Improve.

We believe in learning concepts before jumping to assessments. We provide exhaustive study material for MODI N.T.S.E. with rich visuals covering entire syllabus of MODI N.T.S.E.

We have a rich question bank covering all topics and based on real exam patterns.

With our MODI N.T.S.E. preparation online platform, students can start on auto-pilot mode where tests are generated based on their performance in attempted tests. Thus students get an opportunity to work on their weak areas.

We generate improvement plans based on students performance. This improvement plan consists of focussed MODI N.T.S.E. preparation material and web resources to improve upon your weak areas. Don't worry everything will be free and interesting.

Our services

We are trying hard to prepare students for better in this competitive world, so we have brought this MODI National Talent Search Exam to make them sharper. Provides feedback on real learning & relevant-actually tests what is being taught. Allows students to know where he//she stands. Pinpoints areas of strengths and weaknesses. Affordable to all students (through school or individually)

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Benefits by MODI N.T.S.E.

Student developments
Enhance student intelligence
Boost students memory

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligbility for Examination

All studying in class I to X from English/Hindi Medium all over India can participate.

Exam Details

There will be 40 (MCQ) Multiple Choice Question. Exam paper will be based on class level/ Boad pattern (Hindi/ English).


Scholarship, Cash prize & Medal/ Trophy and participation certificate to all students with rank/ position.

Scholarship & Cash Prize Eligibility

School/ District/ State/ National level selected students will get scholarship Rs. 500-5000/Cash prize.

Registration closing Date

15 Days before the Date of exam.


Singing, Dancing & Acting

You can take part in the Audition conducted in your school or city to participate in the competition. Audition Fee Rs.500/- only..... Participate Only U.K.G. to XII.


Testimonials of Happy Students

Vandana Pandey

I am grateful to MODI N.T.S.E. for top quality question banks, sample papers and study material. I did very well in MODI N.T.S.E.s and won medals. Although all subjects materials are of the top quality I found science material extremely helpful. Tricky questions based on concept.

Vijay Prakesh

My friend recommended me MODI N.T.S.E. Exam Kit. It not only helped me in winning an medal but also cleared many of my English grammar concepts. It tremendously helped in improving my overall English grades. This year I am looking forward to cracking competitive exams.

Himanshu Tiwary

I used MODI N.T.S.E. Genius Study package. I found the material to be very precise, well structured and goal-oriented. Though I started preparing very late, still I won the medal of distinction. Thank you MODI N.T.S.E. for helping me in achieving my dreams.